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The first art prints in the modern sense were developed during the Belle Époque of Paris, where the pioneering artist Jules Chéret and his followers transformed the common flyer into the first fully realized art print reproductions.

Today the same offset lithography press, a bit improved, is used to create high quality reproductions of everything from famous paintings, to obscure photography, to contemporary décor. The proofing process and the standardized printing plates ensure that each print has colours designed just as the artist or publisher intended, and the scale of the print runs creates cost savings we're able to pass on to you.


When we say art print – we want to make sure you're getting an art product, not your standard poster. The paper stock is similar to a postcard or greeting card. Because art prints are thicker than your standard poster paper, it's going to last longer! Typically, the paper is coated with a semi-matt or silken finish, which helps protect the inks, and pairs well with just about any content. It's also great value – whether it's a £10 print or a £100 print, we always strive to offer the best value and competitive pricing.

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Other less common mediums include digital prints, silkscreens, and collotypes. Some prints are on heavy, watercolour textured card stock (as high as 350 gsm). Many have been embellished with further features, such as metallic inks or foils, hand applied watercolours, embossed stamps, deckled edges, spot-varnishes or high gloss surfaces, hand applied gels, and decoupage papers. Because these features vary from product to product, make sure to check on the product details for your favourite art print to see what features it includes!

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The family of art prints represents a broad swath of reproduction art, and is suitable with a wide range of image content — art, photography, advertisements — practically any flat media can be reproduced as an art print. It's also extremely versatile and can be finished in many ways depending upon your wants and needs. Designer and custom framing, canvas transfer and wood mounting are but a few of the services we offer that will perfectly compliment your print.

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