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A poster is a printed piece of paper which typically includes some type of text and graphic elements. Historically, posters were designed for the purpose of advertisement but today we've come to recognise posters as the affordable version of most any type of printed image from famous artist's works to the latest pop star. Affordably priced, posters offer the perfect platform for the old and the new allowing for timeless enjoyment or frequent change. With most types priced under £10, posters are perfect for the changing needs of the growing young adult who loves teddy bears this week and Lady Gaga the next.


Standard posters – Usually 61 cm x 91 cm are the most common form. Printed on lightweight paper which reduces the cost without compromising the content, they are perfect for just about anywhere.

Mini Posters – Usually 28 cm x 43 cm or 40 cm x 50 cm, great for collaging on walls, or hanging in smaller spaces.

Giant/Underground Posters – Large posters usually 100 cm x 150 cm, often used in bus stops or the Underground, perfect for large walls.

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Constantly growing assortment of items to choose from covering the most current topics such as movies, music, sports and people as well as a wide assortment of decorative and fine art posters. Hundreds of categories make finding the perfect poster easy; from college to entertainment we are always adding the newest styles and trends to the ever-growing assortment.

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We offer a variety of specialty posters to add a twist to any room. Heavier weight and collectible, double-sided posters are printed on both sides so they can be back lit, like what is commonly seen in windows and movie theater walkways.

We also offer black light posters, fabric posters, extra-large door posters and more.

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